Haftar sees COVID-19 as ally, claims Libya's Sarraj

PM says pandemic facilitates attack on Tripoli

27 March, 18:17

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, MARCH 27 - Libyan prime minister Fayez al-Sarraj said Thursday evening in a televised speech that while the entire world unites against the ''common enemy'', or COVID-19, General Khalifa Haftar considers the pandemic an ''ally'' in his attack on the capital, Tripoli.

    Forces answering to Haftar have been attacking Tripoli since April 2019. ''This epidemic is the common enemy against which the world is uniting, except for the attacker,'' who sees it ''as an ally and not an enemy in the attack on Tripoli,'' he said. ''We are fighting two enemies on two fronts: COVID-19 and the terrorist militias that are attacking us,'' Sarraj said in the speech, which was shared on the Facebook page of the Libyan Government of National Accord .

    Despite appeals by the UN, US, Italy and others in recent days for a humanitarian ceasefire to deal with the virus, very violent battles have continued for control of Tripoli and other western areas of Libya, with the two parties involved blaming the other. In his televised speech, Sarraj said that all sectors of the Libyan state were working against the pandemic and that he was confident Libyans would prove able to get past the crisis through compliance with the measures introduced. Libya reported its first confirmed case of a person testing positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday and the International Rescue Committee warned that the pandemic could ''decimate'' the country.(ANSAmed).

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