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    • 15:43
    • 21 nov

    ISIS: SITE, al Qaida challenges Baghdadi, refuses Caliphate

    Yemeni-Saudi branch can unleash new clash between two groups

    • 09:56
    • 20 nov

    Tunisia closes borders with Libya for 4 days starting today

    Preventive security measure ahead of Sunday's vote

    • 11:17
    • 19 nov

    Libya: army, 12-hour humanitarian truce in Benghazi

    CNN, 800 ISIS fighters in Derna

    • 14:42
    • 14 nov

    Libya: government calls on embassies to boost security

    After attacks on missions Egypt, UAE, 'we are powerless'

    • 11:45
    • 14 nov

    ISIS: Sinai jihadists respond to Baghdadi, change name

    Audio message by 'caliph' amid escalating tension in Egypt

    • 20:05
    • 13 nov

    Italy 'complies with international law' on hostages, says FM

    In response to question about alleged ransom paid for Vallisa

    • 16:17
    • 13 nov

    ISIS Libyan affiliates behead Haftar soldier in video

    Reports The Times

    • 13:58
    • 13 nov

    Egyptian official calls attacks in Libya 'vial, criminal'

    Car bomb at Egyptian embassy 'undermines historic relations'

    • 11:36
    • 13 nov

    Libya: car bombs explode at the Egyptian and EAU embassies

    No injuries in Tripoli blasts

    • 10:43
    • 13 nov

    Italian hostage released after 4 mos captivity in Libya

    Italian foreign minister says Marco Vallisa on flight home

    • 19:50
    • 12 nov

    Libya: Ansar Al-Sharia 'holding Tunisian journalists'

    No news on the two First TV reporters since 8/9

    • 18:23
    • 12 nov

    Car bombs continue to wrack eastern Libya

    Casualties in Tobruk and Bayda; Italian FM calls for dialogue

    • 16:37
    • 12 nov

    Two more car bombs in eastern Libya, no casualties

    Several injured and killed in ones earlier in the day

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