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    • 10:18
    • 22 mag

    Libya: media, first Tobruk-Tripoli joint raid against Isis

    Misurata sources deny, “the operations was solely oursR

    • 19:52
    • 19 mag

    Wsj, Isis wants to turn Libya into its 'hub' in Africa

    Leaders send fighters and money from Syria

    • 11:35
    • 18 mag

    Libya: Fajr Libya militias arrest 172 Tunisians

    Tunisian consul responds to hostage-taking

    • 13:15
    • 15 mag

    Libya: media, seven kids killed in Benghazi by mortar shell

    Youth also reportedly dead, attack attributed to ISIS and Ansar

  1. No information on terrorists on immigrant boats, Italian FM
    • 11:59
    • 15 mag

    No information on terrorists on immigrant boats, Italian FM

    Gentiloni says military intervention unlikely in Libya

    • 13:54
    • 14 mag

    Immigration: mayor of Tripoli, 102 municipalities have plan

    Harati, to co-operate with Europe. Points of departure located

    • 16:43
    • 13 mag

    Libya: Tobruk gov't and army vow to hit unauthorized boats

    'As with Turkish cargo ship on Sunday'

    • 10:26
    • 13 mag

    Libya: Gentiloni, Kerry to press Gulf countries

    Meeting between FM and secretary of state at Nato summit

    • 17:27
    • 12 mag

    ISIS heading to Italy with migrants, Libyan official

    Minister in Tobruk govt says Malta also affected

    • 11:40
    • 12 mag

    Lybia: West, banks, oil institutions should stand united

    Joint document by France, Germany, Italy, Spain, GB and US

    • 13:31
    • 11 mag

    Turkish ship hit by bomb attack near Libya, 1 dead

    Ankara, attack from sky "occured in international waters" too

    • 11:57
    • 11 mag

    Mogherini at UN today to present EU plan on migrants

    Juncker raises prospect of emergency to quash vetoes

    • 12:30
    • 08 mag

    Immigration: Lana, Libya other 400 migrants rescued

    One-hundred saved 3 days ago, 600 departing arrested

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