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    • 12:16
    • 27 feb

    Terrorism: Gentiloni, no crusades, we fight for freedom

    On Libya, Italy is ready to play its role within UN framework

    • 18:48
    • 25 feb

    Libya: Tobruk gov't appoints Haftar top military commander

    Control over Chiefs of Staff and defence ministry

    • 12:41
    • 25 feb

    Libya: Gentiloni, doubled efforts for political solution

    Foreign minister in Tunis meets President Essebsi

    • 11:25
    • 25 feb

    Libya: Ankara slams Tobruk decision to ban Turkish firms

    • 17:36
    • 24 feb

    Libya is 'EU priority', says Italian PM

    'No peacekeeping mission now' as 'only Libyans can make peace'

    • 15:06
    • 24 feb

    Tunis conference on risks to Libyan journalists

    Threats, murder and exile

    • 11:43
    • 24 feb

    Libya: UN dialogue at risk, Tobruk cabinet leaves talks

    And excludes Turkish firms. Talks Gentiloni-Dairy

    • 19:41
    • 23 feb

    Jihadist warns Italy about 'lone-wolf' attacks, SITE

    Vows to fill Med with Italians' blood if it enters anti-ISIS war

    • 18:41
    • 23 feb

    Libya: video shows traffickers beating migrants

    Tortured prior to journey towards Italy

  1. Libyan 'chemical weapons site under control', Tobruk gov't
    • 15:58
    • 23 feb

    Libyan 'chemical weapons site under control', Tobruk gov't

    No unauthorized access, says OPAC representative

    • 15:56
    • 23 feb

    Libya: Tobruk, all contracts with foreign firms reconsidered

    Al Thani government, Turkish companies not allowed to operate

    • 10:26
    • 23 feb

    UN envoy de Mistura,'don't repeat Libya's mistakes in Syria'

    'Don't void institutions. Aleppo test for peace'

    • 19:37
    • 20 feb

    Egyptian minister in Rome to reassure businesses

    Ahead of Sharm Al-Sheikh conference in March

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