Latest news Libya

    • 17:22
    • 12 feb

    UN says only 1% of promises to Libyan displaced honoured

    Donors did not contribute to Tunis plan, smugglers remain

    • 16:23
    • 08 feb

    Libyan premier designate Sarraj asks more time for cabinet

    Confidence debate was due to be held in Tobruk parliament Monday

    • 20:03
    • 05 feb

    Libya needs gov't before anti-ISIS intervention, Mogherini

    'EU exploring options including extension to naval mission'

    • 10:11
    • 05 feb

    Libya: U.S., grateful to Italy but more efforts welcome

    State Department spokesman Kirby,it is up to Rome' to decide

    • 09:58
    • 04 feb

    Libya: Pinotti, military intervention not imminent

    Concern over ISIS advance but support for political process

    • 19:26
    • 03 feb

    ISIS chiefs seek haven in Libya, Misrata intelligence

    'To flee airstrikes in Iraq and Syria'

    • 17:45
    • 03 feb

    Libya: ENI workers and rigs protected, defense minister

    'Mare Sicuro mission for this purpose'

    • 13:54
    • 03 feb

    Libya: Tobruk Parliament convening Monday for minister list

    Shorter than the one with 32 ministers rejected last month

  1. We will crush ISIS, say Kerry and Gentiloni
    • 18:37
    • 02 feb

    We will crush ISIS, say Kerry and Gentiloni

    Int'l anti-ISIS coalition summit in Rome

    • 17:35
    • 02 feb

    Italian FM warns ISIS may step up activities in Libya

    'Prepared to respond to gov't requests'

    • 15:33
    • 02 feb

    Libyan parliament speaker in Rome for anti-ISIS conference

    Invitation from Kerry and Gentiloni

    • 13:51
    • 02 feb

    ISIS: Fabius, Italy leader in Libya, France by its side

    Cabinet urgent, requests evaluated. Paris not considering action

    • 11:01
    • 02 feb

    ISIS: Gentiloni, progress made but threat persists

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