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  1. ISIS biggest threat in Libya, Kobler tells ANSA
    • 14:31
    • 24 nov

    ISIS biggest threat in Libya, Kobler tells ANSA

    Libya deal 'must be signed in days' says UN envoy

    • 16:19
    • 18 nov

    EU Commission neighborhood policy review, focus on stability

    Security, anti-terrorism and youth opportunities priorities

    • 10:41
    • 11 nov

    Libya: at least 13 soldiers killed by 'terrorists'

    Spokesman, most dead due to mines

    • 17:29
    • 04 nov

    German diplomat Kobler appointed new UN envoy for Libya

    Tobruk postpones decision on UN unity gov't plan

    • 14:30
    • 04 nov

    Libya:Gentiloni,international community must support efforts

    Optimistic, Tobruk and Tripoli want agreement

    • 14:29
    • 04 nov

    Libya:NATO, ready to help govern, not with military mission

    Secretary Stoltenberg skirts Egyptian Sisi's call

  2. Libya: Italy-Egypt-Algeria talks open in Algiers
    • 10:55
    • 02 nov

    Libya: Italy-Egypt-Algeria talks open in Algiers

    Yesterday the Italian cemetery in Tripoli was desecrated

    • 16:33
    • 28 ott

    Italian FM hopes for Libyan accord results next week

    'Stalled by blackmail and threats from extremists'

    • 14:19
    • 26 ott

    Libya: Tripoli mayor in Brussels, 'my city is safer'

    Local authorities key, EU delegation must come back

    • 10:42
    • 22 ott

    Libya: Gentiloni, no one can impose accord

    Minister before Parliament Foreign Policy and Defense commission

    • 15:52
    • 21 ott

    Libyan minority 'will not hold accord hostage', Leon

    Tobruk didn't reject it; increased Benghazi role weighed

    • 12:44
    • 20 ott

    Libya: Gentiloni, Tobruk did not reject Leon plan

    Proposal was not submitted to Parliament

    • 12:42
    • 20 ott

    Israeli expert, Syria, Iraq, Libya will cease to exist

    Policy-makers must face reality, Isis destined to last and grow

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