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    • 11:33
    • 02 mag

    Renzi says pressure to intervene in Libya

    'We chose a different strategy' says premier

    • 11:43
    • 29 apr

    Ship carrying Tobruk oil returning to Libya

    After UN blacklisting

    • 19:57
    • 28 apr

    No Italian troops to Libya, FM Gentiloni tells House

    Context does not yet warrant military forces

    • 17:23
    • 28 apr

    Gentiloni: migration deal does not concern Libya

    ‘We are pushing for phase 3 of Eunavfor Med’

    • 12:41
    • 28 apr

    Libya: gov't calls for halt on anti-ISIS Sirte offensive

    Govt wants advance to stop ‘until a joint command is nomin

  1. 'Migration compact' merits 'serious consideration' says UN
    • 20:00
    • 26 apr

    'Migration compact' merits 'serious consideration' says UN

    Italian navy, coastguard doing 'fantastic job' on migrant rescue

    • 18:13
    • 26 apr

    UN Libya resolution 'a long way off' Eliasson tells RAI

    Civilian UN presence first says UN deputy chief

  2. Terrorism: Maghreb Union calls for common security strategy
    • 15:35
    • 26 apr

    Terrorism: Maghreb Union calls for common security strategy

    Meeting of interior ministers from AMU in Tunis

    • 12:00
    • 26 apr

    Libya asks for help for oil wells. G5 shows support

    Renzi speaks to Sarraj: 'Italy ready to lend a hand'

    • 11:50
    • 26 apr

    Italy denies offering to send 900 soldiers to Libya

    General defence staff describes media reports as 'groundless'

    • 13:23
    • 22 apr

    Migrants: Italian FM wants more EU efforts on Libya route

    'Commitment similar to that shown on the Turkey-Greece one'

    • 16:05
    • 20 apr

    UNHCR confirms Med shipwrecK

    500 of us left Libya say survivors

    • 11:48
    • 19 apr

    Migrants: +4.7% arrivals, system not collapsing-Alfano

    Libya is root of problem, meeting minister on Friday

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