Latest news Libya

    • 15:20
    • 11 giu

    Libya: ISIS sets up first checkpoints in central Derna

    Fighting against local Al-Qaeda affiliate

    • 19:36
    • 10 giu

    Libya: UN, EU and Italy appeal to leaders for unity gov't

    Statement after Berlin meeting

    • 19:04
    • 10 giu

    Libya: negotiator optimistic about UN-backed draft accord

    Tobruk MP says 'people pushing for a green light'

    • 10:20
    • 10 giu

    Chaos continues in Libya, Tobruk divided on talks

    As Isis advances. Leon, time needed for agreement

    • 19:08
    • 09 giu

    Tobruk declines terms of Libyan unity government proposal

    Recalls delegation from talks in Berlin

    • 16:58
    • 09 giu

    Sicilian doctor Scaravilli freed in Libya

    Orthopedic surgeon kidnapped on January 6

    • 15:48
    • 09 giu

    ISIS militants seize power station near Libyan city of Sirte

    UN special envoy says unity government accord in Libya distant

    • 10:12
    • 09 giu

    Jews of Libya: book tells their story

    The author Roumani:”I've been working on it all my life

    • 16:20
    • 05 giu

    Libya: Gentiloni says Italy to take leadership for stability

    • 09:41
    • 05 giu

    Immigration: Libya arrests 441 bound for Europe

    Majority from sub-Sahara, apprehended in Tripoli area

    • 18:12
    • 04 giu

    Libya: EU operation, Mogherini meets Gentiloni and Hammond

    Meeting held in Brussels with Libyan minister al-Dairi

    • 19:52
    • 03 giu

    UN Security Council resolution on migrant trafficking halted

    Diplomat says draft resolution awaits consensus in Libya

  1. Foreign ministers meet amid new Isis gains in Syria and Iran
    • 14:10
    • 02 giu

    Foreign ministers meet amid new Isis gains in Syria and Iran

    Anti-ISIS coalition meeting in Paris, Gentiloni to attend