Latest news Libya

    • 15:21
    • 12 nov

    Libya: army cuts off telecommunications in Derna and Tobruk

    Bombardments continue against jihadist postings

    • 14:05
    • 12 nov

    Libya: Italian FM concerned by escalating violence

    Damage to stability and national reconciliation, Gentiloni says

    • 13:58
    • 12 nov

    Libya: second car bomb in east, one victim in Tobruk

    Media, at least 12 wounded

    • 13:20
    • 12 nov

    Libyan air raids target jihadist bases in Derna

    Eastern city loyal to ISIS. Deadly car bomb neat Baida

    • 18:19
    • 11 nov

    ISIS: 'Baghdadi is dead', Al-Ahram cites Mosul inhabitants

    'Historic alliance' of jihadists in Egypt, Libya and Yemen

    • 10:51
    • 11 nov

    ISIS: Libya, two human rights activists beheaded in Derna

    Alleged supporters of ex-general Haftar

    • 18:04
    • 10 nov

    Migrant's body found in Libya after boat sank near Malta

    Two months ago, hundreds died in accident

    • 16:36
    • 07 nov

    Italy supports mediation in Libya, says FM

    In telephone conversation with UN special envoy Leon

    • 19:40
    • 06 nov

    Libyan municipal elections to be held amid political chaos

    Pro-Islamist militias break into Sharara oil facilities

    • 15:29
    • 06 nov

    Tripoli GNC to 'take on parliamentary functions'

    'Our unity government is legitimate', says deputy speaker

    • 15:01
    • 06 nov

    Gentiloni says EU suffering 'crisis of legitimacy'

    Calls for military, political, cultural effort against ISIS

    • 11:08
    • 06 nov

    Libya's Supreme Court cancels parliament election results

    Ruling dissolves Tobruk Parliament

  1. Tripoli statue of nude woman disappears, 'sabotage'
    • 18:42
    • 05 nov

    Tripoli statue of nude woman disappears, 'sabotage'

    Italian-era icon 'The Gazelle' long threatened by Islamists

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