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  1. ISIS wrote Sirte was 'gate to Rome' on walls
    • 11:54
    • 12 ago

    ISIS wrote Sirte was 'gate to Rome' on walls

    Most of Libyan city liberated by militia loyal to Sarraj

  2. My act one of love says Di Francisca
    • 19:31
    • 11 ago

    My act one of love says Di Francisca

    Olympic medalist calls for unity against Islamist terrorism

    • 18:23
    • 11 ago

    ISIS flags burned on Sirte buildings

    'Final phase to liberate city has begun', say militias

    • 12:04
    • 11 ago

    Cabinet nominates Giuseppe Perrone ambassador to Libya

    Embassy in Tripoli to reopen when security conditions met

    • 19:49
    • 10 ago

    Libya: ISIS HQ taken in Sirte

    'The time of victory has come, Allahu Akbar'

    • 18:14
    • 10 ago

    Libya: Italy calls for Serraj gov't to control oil

    Joint statement with Paris, Berlin, Madid, London and Washington

    • 16:15
    • 10 ago

    ISIS 'shot down Libya Dawn jet over Sirte'

    Amaq news agency says the pilot was killed

    • 19:17
    • 09 ago

    Libya: Tobruk wants UN envoy replaced, 'not neutral'

    Kobler 'tried to force Serraj's institutions on us'

    • 18:31
    • 09 ago

    Benghazi victims' parents file lawsuit against Clinton

    For wrongful death and defamation

    • 12:17
    • 09 ago

    Libyan forces report 12 US air strikes on Sirte

    3 dead, 30 injured in clashes with ISIS – Al Jazeera

    • 15:16
    • 08 ago

    Countdown starts to final battle for Sirte, militants say

    ‘To eradicate Daesh from the city’ - statement

    • 13:34
    • 05 ago

    EU ready to boost aid on migrants, Avramopoulos tells ANSA

    Situation being monitored

    • 17:54
    • 04 ago

    Libya militia: happy if U.S. can use Italy bases

    General Al-Ghasri, new U.S. raids in Sirte, no ground fighting

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