Tourism: Study, biggest spenders in Gulf, record in Qatar

04 May, 10:00

(ANSAmed) - DOHA, MAY 4 - When it comes to going on holiday, citizens of Gulf states are the most pleasure-seeking in the world, spending 260% more than the world average on air travel and 430% more on hotels. A study by the Emirates Aviation College, published in Dubai this week during the Arabian Travel Market fair shows that the record belongs to Qatari citizens, who spend more than 4,100 dollars per day on their travels, whole almost one in two choose to fly first class.

Saudis are second in the standings, spending 3,360 dollars a day on holiday, while Emiratis are third with a daily expenditure of 3,280 dollars.

Gulf citizens not only spend more but take longer holidays, ranging from 14 to 56 days. Most of them visit between 2 and 5 countries every year. Europe and Turkey feature in the list of favourite tourist destinations. (ANSAmed).


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