Latest news Mauritania

    • 11:30
    • 12 nov

    Euromed:summit of economic and social councils in Barcelona

    On the agenda role of civil society in transition processes

    • 18:09
    • 28 ott

    Energy: Italy and MEDREG sign new protocol

    To pave the way for integrated EU energy market

    • 20:00
    • 24 ott

    EU: funds to neighbors only if they commit to democracy, EP

    MEPs call for new visa policy for North Africa

    • 16:28
    • 18 ott

    Med Games: Naples commemorates 1963 and eyes another edition

    Exhibition at regional CONI offices

    • 19:17
    • 15 ott

    Immigration: Italy launches Mare Nostrum, 400 more saved

    25,000 rescued in 2013; Catania wants to host FRONTEX offices

    • 19:36
    • 14 ott

    Immigration: Italy launches Mare Nostrum rescue operation

    Military mission to save refugees, with ships, drones and more

    • 16:07
    • 14 ott

    Nutrition: Tunisia says Med food security a high priority

    Ambassador speaks at Palermo event on nutritious bluefish

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