Morocco: 123,000 child workers in 2011

National survey released for World Day Against Child Labour

12 June, 14:02

(ANSAmed) - RABAT, JUNE 12 - In 2011 over 123,000 Moroccan children between the ages of 7 and 15 were forced to work - 2.5% of those in that age group. The figure is one of the ones included in the national study that the High Commissioner for the Plan (HCP), Morocco's main institute of statistics, has published as part of the World Day Against Child Labour, which is celebrated every June 12. The phenomenon is seen especially in rural environments, where 5% of children under age 15 are forced to work (over 91% of the total number of the children surveyed). Another discriminating factor is gender, with about 6 out of every 10 child workers of the male sex: however, this proportion varies considerably depending on the social and living context. In the country, males involved in ''agricultural, fishing or forest activities'' make up 53.3% of the total. In the cities, where they are used ''in services and manufacturing, including artisanal trades'', the percentage rises sharply to 87.3%. Depending on the circumstances and the type of work (the vast majority is ''help'' of various types for the family's economic activities), child workers continue to attend school (24.9%), have left school (53.9%) or have never attended it (21.2%). But while much remains to be done in Morocco in the struggle against child exploitation and in order to foster education, the data collected can also be seen as good news. Since 1999, the number of workers under age 15 has dropped steadily. Thirteen years ago it affected almost 10% of Moroccan children in this age group, (517,000 children), compared with the current 2.5%.



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