Human Rights: report puts Morocco on trial

Still too many violations, says human rights group

20 July, 13:19

(ANSAmed) - Rome, July 20 - Violations of human rights in Morocco reflect the lack of real political will within the state to respect human rights and freedoms, a human rights organization said Friday.

The government of Morocco is acting against commitments made at national and international forums, says Khadija Ryadi, president of the Moroccan Association of Human Rights (AMDH.) Rabat spoke as she presented a 2011 report on human rights in Morocco.

Morocco speaks well regarding the ratification of numerous international charters and conventions on human rights, yet still contravenes those agreements, she said.

In 2011, her group found "numerous violations directly or indirectly by the state, which threaten the right to life." As an example, she cited violence inflicted upon citizens by police in public and also in prisons, where survival is threatened by overcrowding, unhygienic conditions and increased violence.

Civil liberties are also being eroded more often, including violations of press freedom, freedom of association, freedom of movement and peaceful gatherings.

As regards freedom of the press, the report says that political party and state control of media occurs through the restriction of the "right of access" to important decisions and information.

The state is also using the courts to pronounce unjust sentences and to repress journalists, trade unionists, political activists, participants in social protests, and human rights defenders.

There are also concerns over the right to education, as poverty and sexual discrimination force too many school dropouts and threaten to increase illiteracy, says the report.

UNESCO estimates that fully 44% of Moroccan adults cannot read nor write, while in the age group between 15 and 24 years, the rate is 21%, mostly women.

Woman also continue to suffer from different forms of violence, while the rights of children are subject to numerous violations, including sexual and economic exploitation.


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