Renewables: Enel Green Power aiming at Mediterranean

CEO Starace, growth opportunities from Morocco to Egypt

23 April, 17:36

(ANSAmed) - ROME, APRIL 23 - Enel Green Power (EGP) is looking to the Mediterranean for its next development plans, especially in those countries where the winds of the Arab Spring has swept through. Having overcome the turbulence of past months, current transition phases offer significant growth prospects. Speaking at a forum organised by ANSA for the presentation of the Res4Med programme, CEO Fancesco Starace underlines: ''The new political systems will be confronted with problems arising from demographic growth and lack of energy-producing capacity.

The quickest answer is represented by renewables''. Time is indeed tight for hydrocarbon extraction, but as Starace notes, it takes around a year and a half to construct wind farm and a year to put up a solar cell farm. EGP is a founding member of Desertec, offering not just solar but also wind power technology. The project is no longer being seen as a way of capturing solar energy in the desert in order to bring it to Europe, but also as aiming at ''over there, because there is a demand for it over there''. Among those projects being considered at the moment, Enel Green Power is aiming at wind in Morocco in particular, where a company set up by EGP and the company TAQA of Abu Dhabi has been shortlisted to construct a 150 MW wind park in the North of the country for an estimated cost of 200 million euros. The park is due to be constructed in Taza, not far from Fez. Activities could spread from Morocco to Egypt and Tunisia, countries where EGP had already pre-qualified for wind projects before the Arab Springs got under way, and which may now come back on line. ''We are aiming to be ready for when that happens,'' Starace said. (ANSAmed).


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