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    • 18:09
    • 09 giu

    Foreign ministry hosts forum on Italy-Oman opportunities

    Valensise tauts Italian capacity and know-how

    • 14:03
    • 28 mag

    Oman: 1,000 foreign workers arrested in Muscat

    Major construction sites need workers but few rights

    • 19:04
    • 26 mag

    Iran strengthens ties with Oman, accord on maritime borders

    Tension rises with Riyadh over Yemen and regional crises

    • 10:38
    • 15 mag

    Obama-Gulf countries, no to military solution on Libya,Yemen

    U.S. ready to defend Arab allies from threats, even with force

    • 11:59
    • 14 mag

    Obama-GCC summit, King Salman will not attend

    Isis, Yemen,Syria, Iran nuclear deal on the agenda

    • 16:52
    • 12 mag

    Gulf countries heading towards VAT and 'fiscal revolution'

    Ever more likely due to plunging oil prices

    • 18:44
    • 08 mag

    Oman guest of honor at Tehran international book fair

    Iranian minister, excellent neighborly relations between us

    • 18:15
    • 23 apr

    Arab youths cite ISIS and unemployment as top concerns

    Survey shows widespread scepticism about democracy

    • 16:25
    • 02 apr

    Gulf: Massive sand storm wreaks havoc with air traffic

    Schools and shops shut down as region engulfed in ochre layer

    • 15:57
    • 23 feb

    Gulf nations boost military spending to 132 bln in 2015

    IDEX underway in Dubai, largest defense exhibition in MENA

    • 20:05
    • 20 feb

    Arab-Italian trade fair in Cagliari going strong

    Focus on energy, food and construction

    • 16:59
    • 10 feb

    Oman boosts trade relations with Italy

    Italian businesses tripled over the past year

    • 12:34
    • 27 gen

    Oil price, Gulf monarchies keep their stance

    They count on previuos surplus. Oil plunge helps 'recovery'

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