EU: Immigrants, employers Portugal and Slovenia unlawful

European rules against exploiting illegal non-EU citizens

31 May, 19:51

(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, MAY 31 - Finland, Portugal and Slovenia have not yet implemented the EU regulations and sanctions regarding employers who use illegal immigrants. Brussels has given these countries two months to make amends, if not they could be taken to the European Court of Justice.

The EU directive provides for sanctions that can be taken against employers or private citizens who take advantage of the precarious position of illegal immigrants, usually paying low wages and letting them work in unsuitable conditions. The EU regulations also protect the rights of immigrant workers, who can ask for salary in arrears. These EU rules represent a key element for the European Commission in the fight against illegal immigration, forbidding people to hire non-EU illegal immigrants and punishing employers with fines or penalties in the worst cases. All EU member states expect Denmark, Ireland and the U.K.

are bound to respecting this directive.(ANSAmed)

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