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    • 11:37
    • 14 ott

    Israel angry, UNESCO cuts Jewish ties to Temple Mount

    Netanyahu, absurd, like denying China-Great Wall connection

  1. Arab Canoe-Kayak Championship to open in Tunisia
    • 13:08
    • 10 ott

    Arab Canoe-Kayak Championship to open in Tunisia

    Male and female athletes from 11 countries to attend

    • 11:40
    • 05 lug

    Syria: AI reports torture, other crimes by US-backed rebels

    Groups use Shar’ia against civilians, human rights watchdo

    • 13:24
    • 22 giu

    Qatar Airways pull out of Meridiana talks - sources

    Delrio trying to bring company back to the table

    • 12:38
    • 13 giu

    Dutch woman released by Qatar but found guilty of adultery

    Suspended sentence. 140 lashings for man she accused of rape

    • 12:59
    • 20 mag

    Soccer: Al Rayyan stadium gets best design award

    Sustainable structure being built for 2022 World Cup in Qatar

    • 11:39
    • 17 mag

    Syria: 'support group' meeting starts in Vienna

    Lavrov meets Iranian foreign minister before summit

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