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    • 12:06
    • 09 feb

    Ciclying, Cavendish king of Dubai, Wiggins bets on Qatar

    British triumph at Emirates Tour. Now race heads to Doha

    • 16:42
    • 30 gen

    Serbia: Embassy of Qatar to open in Belgrade

    • 12:53
    • 27 gen

    Football,Strasbourg, choice of Qatar for World Cup 'tainted'

    Council of Europe called on FIFA to begin the re-assignment procedure

    • 12:35
    • 27 gen

    European rights court rules against Italy in surrogacy case

    Country did not act in child’s best interests, judges said

    • 12:34
    • 27 gen

    Oil price, Gulf monarchies keep their stance

    They count on previuos surplus. Oil plunge helps 'recovery'

  1. Qatar Falcon Festival draws over 1,400 participants
    • 18:04
    • 14 gen

    Qatar Falcon Festival draws over 1,400 participants

    'Important part of Qatari culture', say organizers

    • 17:02
    • 13 gen

    UAE: over 70 Italian companies in Arabplast trade show

    Plastic demand rising in GCC nations, Italy 2nd-top EU supplier

    • 15:07
    • 30 dic

    Saudi Arabia: Jewish faith no obstacle to employment visa

    'Religion is not nationality'. Shura member, Israel is problem

    • 13:01
    • 22 dic

    Qatar offers “full support” to Egypt months after br

    Divided by Morsi. Sisi hopes in a “new era”

    • 14:25
    • 18 dic

    Terrorism: Gulf forum on security, threat not only from ISIS

    Focus on Al Qaida-Brotherhood connections, U.S. admits mistakes

    • 11:12
    • 10 dic

    New royal palace planned in London, but it belongs to Qatar

    Residence would be the Kingdom's most expensive

    • 12:25
    • 03 dic

    Swimming: from Pellegrini to Le Clos, Doha's world challenge

    FINA world championships (25 m.) start today with 1,000 athletes

    • 19:06
    • 01 dic

    Gulf to launch joint military command, Bahraini minister

    'Necessary to defend ourselves'; hundreds of thousands of troops