Latest news Saudi Arabia

    • 18:44
    • 12 lug

    Saudi prince's vacation excesses cause uproar

    In Bodrum on mega-yacht with bikini-clad models and alcohol

    • 11:40
    • 05 lug

    Syria: AI reports torture, other crimes by US-backed rebels

    Groups use Shar’ia against civilians, human rights watchdo

    • 12:34
    • 04 lug

    Suicide bomber attacks US consulate in Jeddah

    Two security agents wounded, diplomatic staff safe

    • 19:41
    • 22 giu

    Egypt gov't files appeal over islands sold to Saudi Arabia

    Journalist reported to police for writing that they are 'Saudi'

    • 18:44
    • 21 giu

    Egypt: govt considering appeal against islands sentence

    Govt says respects magistrates' decision, studying motivations

  1. 'For us war in Yemen not over', UAE says. Part of Saudi alliance
    • 11:53
    • 17 giu

    'For us war in Yemen not over', UAE says. Part of Saudi alliance

    UN-brokered peace talks 'unsatisfactory', FM Gargash says

    • 20:11
    • 13 giu

    Orlando killer went to same mosque as Syria suicide bomber

    Had visited Saudi Arabia twice, reported to FBI in 2013

    • 19:09
    • 10 giu

    UN chief admits he bowed to pressure from Saudi Arabia

    Took it off list of countries violating child rights in Yemen

    • 17:36
    • 10 giu

    Iran-Russia alliance against terrorism 'not only in Syria'

    Greater cooperation decided in Thursday's summit

    • 19:17
    • 07 giu

    Saudi Arabia approves plan to prepare for post-oil era

    Includes plan to crease 450,000 private sector jobs

    • 19:54
    • 01 giu

    Gentiloni in Saudi Arabia to promote Italian ventures

    Foreign minister meets king, calls for aid on Libya

    • 11:06
    • 18 mag

    US Senate bill on 9/11 a slap in the face to Riyadh

    Makes suing Saudis possible. White House, Obama won't sign

    • 11:39
    • 17 mag

    Syria: 'support group' meeting starts in Vienna

    Lavrov meets Iranian foreign minister before summit