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    • 14:47
    • 10 apr

    Qatar-Gulf crisis to see possible resolution this week

    Ambassadors for Saudi Arabia, EAU and Bahrain could return

  1. Rome mayor secures Saudi art restoration funds
    • 19:50
    • 31 mar

    Rome mayor secures Saudi art restoration funds

    Marino and Prince Sultan in deal to save city's monuments

    • 18:42
    • 28 mar

    Obama in Saudi Arabia: 'bilateral relations have improved'

    After 'tactical differences' last fall, says Obama adviser

    • 15:59
    • 28 mar

    Roman mayor to woo donor in Saudi Arabia for restorations

    Mayor to show dossier of 9 restoration projects to Saudi prince

    • 11:25
    • 28 mar

    Obama in Saudi Arabia today to mend frayed relations

    US president seeks to reduce differences over Syria and Iran

    • 18:11
    • 27 mar

    Saudi king appoints new crown prince

    Stepbrother Muqrin bin Abdulaziz replaces Salman

    • 18:10
    • 27 mar

    Saudi king's ex-wife asks Obama to secure daughters' release

    Four princesses 'held captive in Jeddah palace dungeon'

    • 13:50
    • 26 mar

    Arab League refuses to recognize Israel as Jewish state

    Israel responsible for stall in talks with Palestinians, League

    • 19:06
    • 25 mar

    Jerusalem Post journo denied S. Arabia visa for Obama trip

    White House expresses its 'disappointment'

    • 12:10
    • 25 mar

    Syria: Saudi Arabia, 'balance of power must change'

    Heir prince tells Arab League summit in Kuwait

    • 11:51
    • 24 mar

    Energy: Turkey working on projects with Qatar e Abu Dhabi

    Ankara plans 120,000 MW of installed capacity in 2023

    • 13:48
    • 18 mar

    Euromed:UfM conference on Women's socio-economic empowerment

    In Barcelona, a follow-up to sept.11 meeting in Paris

    • 17:45
    • 17 mar

    Saudi Arabia bans hundreds of books at Riyadh book fair

    Including ones by 'icon' Darwish and Qatar-based Palestinian

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