Kosovo: implement deal with Serbia on regional forums, EU

Parties must be pragmatic, not dogmatic, Fule

30 April, 15:33

(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, APRIL 30 - The agreement reached in February by Kosovo and Serbia on the naming of Kosovo in regional meetings ''must be implemented'', said EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule during a conference on regional cooperation in the Balkan area held today in Brussels.

According to Fule ''the few weeks the agreement has been in place have been a disappointment.'' In particular, the European commissioner explained that he is ''extremely disappointed'' by the fact that Kosovo and Serbia have each given ''their own interpretation'' to the document, ''which is not part of the deal.'' The agreement, he underlined, must be applied ''in the spirit of regional cooperation.'' Fule continued by saying that collaboration Serbia and Kosovo ''must be inclusive and representative'' in order to be efffective. ''I keep asking both parties,'' Fule concluded ''to be pragmatic and not dogmatic, free from political instructions.'' (ANSAmed).


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