MedFilm Festival: Freccero, a voice to independent movies

RAI4 director gets Koine prize, cinema is inter-cultural here

19 October, 14:34

(ANSAmed) - ROME, OCTOBER 19 - Carlo Freccero, director of state broadcaster channel Rai4, author and communications expert said today that the MedFilm is very important for indie films which would otherwise never make it into movie theatres. ''There are too many festivals, it would be best to create some order'', he said. ''But the MedFilm has its own special trait: it gives voice to independent movies which would otherwise never be screened. It gives a chance to authors and minor production companies who have a hard time gaining visibility''. Freccero will be awarded the Koine prize at the opening ceremony of the festival tonight in Rome.

The MedFilm Festival 2012, the only Italian event specialized in Mediterranean cinema, is 18 years old, the oldest in the Italian capital. It will bring to Italian screens the best of Euro-Mediterranean movie productions.

The objective of president Ginella Vocca and her team is two encourage mutual knowledge and dialogue between the two shores of the Mediterranean.

Freccero told ANSAmed he is 'flattered' by the prize. ''The word koine has many meanings and the most common is the Greek word. But I prefer the figurative meaning of the word which is the fusion of many things in common language. I believe such a definition applies very well to television which has created a worldwide koine under two points of view'', he said. ''First of all, television is a common language worldwide and it is therefore an element of globalization. Secondly, koine is the fusion of many aspects and points of view in one language which is what happens in television, in other words I believe it is right to give this prize to someone who works in television', Freccero noted.

The Rai4 director said he appreciated the prize also because it is awarded within a festival he considers ''very interesting'' as ''cinema is an inter-cultural element here''.

Although the festival is highly regarded - the president of the republic has also awarded it with a special prize - organizers this year had to work on a very tight budget of only 45,000 euros. Freccero said the lack of economic support depends 'on the cultural policy of our country'. ''In Italy there is much ignorance on geopolitics and cultural geography: there is no perception of how important it is to work with what I call 'inter-culturalims' where culture becomes a means of communication. It is a structural delay of our institutions which weighs n our culture'', concluded Freccero. (ANSAmed).


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