Crisis: Slovenian state employees strike against cuts

Country ground to halt, political crisis deepens

23 January, 17:17

(ANSAmed) - LJUBLJANA, JANUARY 23 - About 100,000 state employees are on strike today in Slovenia to protest further cuts to their salaries and the austerity policies of the conservative government under Janez Jansa. The government is not only suffering from generalised social discontent but has also been swept up in a serious political crisis likely to lead to a split-up of the government coalition. State employees are rallying against the proposed 5 percent cut to their salaries this year, after an initial one of almost 3 percent last year as part of the government's plan to reduce public deficit to below 3 percent (compared with the 4.2 percent seen in 2012). Almost all schools were closed today, as were universities and cultural institutions, while hospitals provided exclusively emergency treatment. Thousands of people are expected to attend rallies today in about ten Slovenian cities.



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