Crisis: Spain, Rajoy also cuts King Juan Carlos' cheque by 2

Budget cuts of 27.3bn, heaviest toll on Foreign Ministry

03 April, 17:36

(ANSAmed) - MADRID, APRIL 3 - Spain's 2012 budget sent to parliament today by Rajon's government will see an average spending cut of 17% around all ministries, despite managing to concede a mere 2% cut on benefits to the Royal household. The amount designated in 2012 to Juan Carlos and the Royal family has been reduced from 8.43 to 8.26mn euro. The Spanish Royal family thus becomes one of the administrations least affected by this year's budget which will see cuts in public expenditure of 27.3bn euro, alongside the Court of Auditors, whose budget reduction is of 0.2%.

Among the ministries, the one affected the most by Rajoy's new budget which aims to bring the deficit spending from 8.5% (instead of 6%) inherited in 2011 from Zapatero's previous government, to the 5.3% imposed by Brussels, will be the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with a cut of -43.6%. The least hit is the Ministry of Interior, with a cut of -1.5%. Among the other institutions affected by the cuts are the Cortes or National legislative assembly (-4.5%), the Constitutional Court (-3.4%), the State Council (-3.7%) the General Council of the Judiciary (-3.9%). With regards to the Royal family, from now on they will have to detail every expense, after the government recently made public Juan Carlos' remuneration on December 28, the first time since the start of post-Franco democracy. In 2011 it amounted to 292,752 euro, almost quadruple that of the head of the government. The heir to the throne, Prince Felipe, received instead 146,376 euro last year, while the Queen, the Princess of the Asturias and the Infantas Cristina and Elena received altogether 375,000 euro for expenses. (ANSAmed).

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