Spain: Catalan gov't might proclaim statehood

By referendum or parliamentary vote, Francesc Homs said

21 September, 19:51

(ANSAmed) - MADRID, SEPTEMBER 21 - Fiscal negotiations with Spain's central government having failed, Catalonia may unilaterally declare statehood, Generalitat spokesperson Francesc Homs said in a radio interview quoted by La Vanguardia newspaper on Friday. ''We can stay as we are, or we can open a new way, that will new for everyone'', he said, adding that this could mean either a referendum on secession or a parliamentary declaration of independence.

A secessionist referendum in the next four years ''is a possibility, but not the only one'', Homs said. ''But it could also be done by parliamentary decision after elections''.

Asked whether a national state would be declared, Homs answered, ''For example. I always thought we'd see an independent Catalonia''.

The possibility of early elections, which could turn into a vote on independence, is to be debated in the Catalan Parliament on Tuesday. (ANSAmed).


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