Spain: Supreme Court repeals Lerida city Islamic veil ban

Overrules Catalan Supreme Court on Muslim association appeal

28 February, 16:36

(ANSAMED) - MADRID, FEBRUARY 28 - The Spanish Supreme Court on Thursday repealed a 2010 Lerida (Catalonia) city ban on clothes that cover the face, such as the burka and the Islamic veil, from public buildings.

Such clothing does not endanger the safety of citizens, nor did the ban preserve women's equality, local media cited court sources as saying. "Banning the Islamic veil limits the exercise of religious freedom," the court said, overruling the Catalan Supreme Court, which upheld the Lerida ban against an appeal by the Catalan Muslim association, Watani. After Lerida, other Catalan city councils passed similar bans. (ANSAMED).


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