Spain calls for bids to increase electric mobility

Through projects, quicker recharging

31 December, 16:07

    NAPLES - Spain's environment minister has opened bidding until January 29 for projects focusing on improving electric mobility. The call is for projects on "Electric Mobility: infrastructure for the charging, innovation, and electrification of the mobile fleet as part of the Plan for Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience". The bidding aims to identify projects and new lines of action that can help to plan transformation and resilience of the Spanish economy. The ministry noted on its website that the information collected will help to ensure the effectiveness of the national plan and to draw up strategic lines for action in the area with financing and support mechanisms. One way in which electric mobility will be promoted is though the development of infrastructure corridors for rapid or ultra-fast recharging, combined recharging facilities, strategic quantity and placement of recharging facilities, innovation, and a renewal of the vehicle fleet. The ministry also aims to look more closely at the market in the sector and possible enterprises, associations, or public entities that can help to foster electric mobility. The integrated national plan for energy and climate calls for 5 million electric vehicles in circulation in the country by 2030. The plan set 2023 as the first step, when at leats 100,000 recharging stations will be found across the country and 250,000 electric vehicles.

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