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  1. Italy plays four cards at Venice Film Festival
    • 19:33
    • 31 ago

    Italy plays four cards at Venice Film Festival

    Bellocchio, Gaudino, Guadagnino and Messina in competition

    • 19:04
    • 31 ago

    Migrants hidden in car engine found in Ceuta

    In tiny space and dire conditions they risked dying

    • 16:25
    • 25 ago

    Football transfers: Balotelli, Cuadrado look to relaunch

    Manchester City spends 45 mn for Otamendi, Rome takes Digne

    • 16:00
    • 21 ago

    Spain: civil service managers to fly economy class

    Limits on travel, videoconferences preferred

    • 16:42
    • 17 ago

    Football: Real Madrid signs Kovacic from Inter

    Soldado returns to Spain, Tottenham looks to Cameroonian Njie

    • 15:26
    • 17 ago

    Libya: Anti-ISIS coalition condemns Sirte attacks

    • 17:49
    • 14 ago

    Spain: war of the corrida, the matadores' rematch

    Plaza Toros in San Sebastian reopens, king Juan Carlos contested

    • 10:25
    • 13 ago

    Spain: Reina Sofia museum gets Picasso found in Corsica

    Export ban on painting; found on yacht

    • 20:01
    • 11 ago

    Spain: war of the bullfights, rivolt of the bullfighters

    Clash with Podemos group, matador gored in lower abdomen

    • 15:20
    • 11 ago

    Spain: two UK 'bobbies' patrolling in Majorca

    Agents in area known for 'drunken tourism'

    • 17:39
    • 07 ago

    Football trading: Roma snatches up Dzeko and Salah

    De Gea headed for Real Madrid, Milinkovic-Savic on Lazio

    • 18:04
    • 28 lug

    Football trading: PSG to get Di Maria, Jovetic to Inter

    Stambouli taken by Paris team; Fiorentina gets Suarez

    • 17:40
    • 27 lug

    Tourism: concern for ISIS, Italians avoid Tunisia and Egypt

    Survey on travel agencies, strong drop in reservations