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    • 19:21
    • 18 set

    Tourism: European cruise industry wants more ties with ports

    Crucial to preserve sites like Venice and modernization

    • 10:15
    • 18 set

    Catalan parliament votes law on independence referendum

    On nov. 9. Madrid ready to appeal to Constitutional court

  1. Floating plastic garbage 'state' to make entrance at UN
    • 16:37
    • 17 set

    Floating plastic garbage 'state' to make entrance at UN

    Artist's work on ocean pollution to show during General Assembly

    • 12:06
    • 17 set

    Spain: international conference on stability in Libya starts

    FM Mogherini to represent Italy

    • 14:14
    • 16 set

    Spain: demonstrations, arrests at Festa del Toro de La Vega

    Animal-rights activists form human chain to block tournament

    • 17:41
    • 12 set

    Spain: Teatro Real's season opens amidst austerity cuts

    'Fidelio' by Fura dels Baus and other productions cancelled

    • 17:25
    • 11 set

    Arturo Mas: “everything is ready” for the Catalan re

    Diada commemoration opened by president's address

    • 13:47
    • 10 set

    Terrorism: Spain raises jihadist terror alert

    ISIS targets Andalusia; 122 attested since 2011, 44 in 2013

    • 13:29
    • 10 set

    Spain: Mas eyes Scottish poll as springboard for Catalonia

    But CiU leader admits independence expensive to Financial Times

    • 10:19
    • 10 set

    Spain: Banco Santader president dies of heart attack at 79

    Today his successor will be appointed

  2. Spain worst for 'generacion ni-ni' in EU, 2nd worst in OECD
    • 16:27
    • 09 set

    Spain worst for 'generacion ni-ni' in EU, 2nd worst in OECD

    Almost 2 million youth neither work nor study, report

    • 13:10
    • 09 set

    Spanish firm to build Jordan's first fuel terminal

    174 million dollar project close to Amman

    • 18:06
    • 05 set

    Jihadists want Al-Andalus back, Spanish terrorism analyst

    'But Italy and Spain not highest risk', interview with Reinares

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