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    • 16:19
    • 14 ott

    Melilla: 100 migrants attempt to scale barrier

    Spanish and Moroccan police block attemp, 5 successfully enter

    • 14:33
    • 14 ott

    Immigration: Frontex, aid from 8 countries but not enough

    Arias, aim to patrol borders but priority is saving lives

    • 13:13
    • 14 ott

    EU: media, Brussels wants Spain to recover aid to firms

    • 10:52
    • 14 ott

    Spain: Catalonia, Mas rules out independence vote on Nov.9

    Over absence of legal guarantees, proposes alternative vote

    • 18:38
    • 09 ott

    Migration: EU and Jordan sign a new partnership

    Negotiations to facilitate visas for Schengen to Jordanians

    • 16:04
    • 09 ott

    Ebola: Spanish doctor reports failure in security protocols

    'My coverall's sleeves were short'. Seven hospitalised

    • 13:51
    • 08 ott

    Ebola: Rajoy, 'We have to be careful but calm'

    Infected nurse 'followed protocol'. Two other nurses admitted

    • 13:51
    • 07 ott

    Ebola: emergency in Madrid after first infection in Europe

    Nurse in stable condition, three more people under observation

    • 13:31
    • 07 ott

    Spain:new step in Catalonia challenge but referendum at risk

    15 October deadline for procedure but Court to rule later

  1. Spanish nurse first European Ebola infection case
    • 20:14
    • 06 ott

    Spanish nurse first European Ebola infection case

    Nurse was part of team treating Spanish missionary

    • 10:54
    • 03 ott

    Greece: households have lost 170 billion euros due to crisis

    But Germans grew richer according to a study by Julius Baer

    • 13:27
    • 02 ott

    ISIS: threat on Spain's "doorstep", anti-terror chief says

    Fear of jihadist contagion from Syria to Maghreb

    • 11:15
    • 02 ott

    Catalonia, the challenge of Barcelona's cabinet continues

    Mas: 'I will not change will to vote for our future'