Syria: Lebanon sending troops to border

2000 soldiers needed to control situation, General Qahwaji says

11 July, 15:09

(ANSAMed) - BEIRUT, JULY 11 - Lebanon began moving troops to its northern border with Syria last night, following incidents in the past few days that have led to Syrian bombing of Lebanese areas, the Daily Star reported today.

The decision to move troops to the border was taken on Monday by the Lebanese government, and General Jean Qahwaji said today that 2,000 men are needed to control the border situation and prevent more incidents, daily As Safir said.

Syrian security forces and unidentified gunmen in Lebanese territory exchanged gunfire along the border on Monday night.

Syrian forces bombed Lebanese border areas with mortars in response. During those bombings, a Lebanese man died of a heart attack and two Syrian refugees died in a car crash while trying to flee. Three more people died during similar bombings by Syrian forces on Saturday. (ANSAMed).


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