Syria: Chemical weapons only under external attack, gov't

People will decide the future of Assad, Damasco towards normalcy

23 July, 16:10

(ANSAmed) - Beirut, 23 July - The Syrian regime will resort to chemical weapons only in the unfavourable case of external attack. It has been declared today by the speaker of Foreign Affairs Minister, Jihad Maqdisi, in a live TV press conference held in Damascus.

The clarification follows a USA warning. In fact Jay Carey, the White House speaker, affirmed that the Syrian government has to be held responsible for security of Syrian chemical weapons. Regarding the future of president Bashar al Assad, the Syrian people are sovereign, he added, and will decide whether Assad will remain or leave.

Yesterday evening in Doha, Arab League countries exerted pressure on Bashar to leave the country in exchange for a secure exit from his own country.

The foreign affairs minister speaker has also said that after the armed attacks of last week, "the situation has improved in Damascus compared to last week and will quickly return to normal. If isolated incidents happen around the capital it doesn't mean that there is a raging battle in Damascus as many have reported" Maqdisi affirmed.

"However it is a matter of self defense. The police and army are working for the defense of the Syrian people. And in the coming days the situation will return to normal" he assured.



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