Syria: UN Gen'l Assembly to vote Arab members' resolution

Text calls for immediate cease-fire, denounces rights violations

31 July, 18:23

(ANSAMed) - NEW YORK, JULY 31 - The UN General Assembly will meet on Thursday to vote on a draft Syria resolution proposed by the Arab member nations, UN sources said on Tuesday.

The resolution, of which ANSA has obtained a copy, will be non-binding, but cannot be vetoed. It denounces the Syrian regime's growing and indiscriminate use of heavy artillery in civilian areas, including shelling with tanks and helicopters. It also condemns the continuous and diffuse violations of human rights and of citizens' fundamental freedoms by the regime and by pro-regime militia, as well as all kinds of violence, including terrorist attacks, no matter who commits them.

The draft calls for an immediate end to all violence. It fully supports UN special envoy Kofi Annan's plan, including his statement that the first step for its implementation must be taken by the Syrian regime, and it calls on the UN Security Council to ensure that human rights violators will be punished.

The draft text demands a global political transition towards a pluralistic and democratic regime, and invites all UN members to support this process and to adopt sanctions against Syria along the lines of those imposed by the Arab League on November 27, 2011. (ANSAMed).


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