Syria:UN Gen'l Assembly deplores Security Council's inaction

Resolution calls for political transition, condemns repression

03 August, 20:12

(ANSAMed) - NEW YORK, AUGUST 3 - With 133 votes in favor, 12 against and 31 abstentions, the UN General Assembly on Friday approved a resolution calling for a political transition in Syria, condemning Bashar al-Assad's repression, and deploring the UN Security Council's inaction. Two of the dissenting votes came from Russia and China, who have vetoed Syria resolutions in the Security Council three times. Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Venezuela also voted against.

The resolution denounces the Syrian regime's growing use of heavy artillery and its indiscriminate bombings of civilian areas with tanks and helicopter gunships. It firmly condemns the widespread and ongoing human rights violations being carried out by the regime and pro-regime militias, as well as all violence no matter who is perpetrating it, including terrorist attacks. The resolution calls for all sides to immediately end all forms of violence, and expresses support for the UN and Arab League envoy to Syria. It calls on the UN Security Council to adopt measures to bring human rights violators to justice, renews its call for an inclusive political transition to a democratic, pluralistic regime in Syria, and calls on all UN member nations to support this process. (ANSAMed).


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