Syria: Jordanian girl injured in shell firing from Daraa

20 August, 09:46

(ANSAmed) - AMMAN, AUGUST 19 - A Jordanian girl was injured on Sunday when a mortar shell fired from Syrian borders town of Deraa landed near her house in town of Talat Qurba, causing panic among residents on the Jordanian side, said Jordanian officials and eye witnesses.

Government spokesman Sameeh Mayta confirmed the shooting in a statement run on the official news agency Petra, saying several shells reached the Jordan territory causing injury of a girl.

Eye witnesses said the 7 year old girl, Tala was rushed to hospital for treatment in her face, and is expected to be released soon , Abu Mohammad, uncle of the victim told ANSA.

The attack on Jordan territories comes after a wave of skirmish between Jordanian and Syrian troops as the latter tries to stop refugees from crossing to Jordan. Syrian troops fired several shells into Jordanian territories but no one has been injured as the government tried to play down significance of previous attacks.

According to eye witnesses, three shells landed near homes and a farm causing slight damage to property including their live stock. "The Syrian army is firing un provoked. They are desperate to ignite tension with Jordan to save themselves," said Abu Mohammad.

The Syrian army is in the midst of a fierce campaign to rout out rebels from the border line with Jordan in order to prevent cross border infiltration. (ANSAmed).


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