Syria: Activists, loyalists set Sunni mosque on fire

After attack yesterday against Shiite sanctuary with 11 victims

01 November, 12:04

(ANSAmed) - Beirut, November 1 - One day after a dynamite attack near the Shiite sanctuary of Sayida Zeinab close to Damascus, residents denounced this morning an attempt by loyalist forces to set the Sunni mosque of Abu Bakr al Siddq on fire, according to the Syrian Revolution General Commission.

The Commission is one of the organizations grouping coordination committees of residents in violence-torn areas.

The sources said loyalist militia 'protected by the government army' started to set the mosque's rooms on fire. The information cannot be independently verified in the area.

Sayida Zeinab was at the centre of a car bomb attack yesterday in which 11 people died, according to the official death toll. The area is a Sunni-majority district hosting one of the world's most visited Shiite sanctuaries (named after Zeinab, granddaughter of the prophet Mohammed and daughter of Ali, the head of Shiites) by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims mostly hailing from Iraq, Lebanon and Iran.

Ever since popular protests in 2011 were repressed with violence and turned into an armed revolt, residents in Sayida Zeinab have risen against the regime which has created 'popular commitees' formed by Shiite militias to 'protect the sanctuary'.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Syrian aviation bombed Damascus and villages in the province of Idleb, in north-west Syria today.

Yesterday, 141 people, including nine women and eight children, are believed to have died across Syria, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights, which said that most victims were in Aleppo (52) and Damascus and its surroundings (48). (ANSAmed).


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