Syria: massive Russian navy exercise in Med, Black Sea

Simulate combat missions

02 January, 19:59

(ANSAmed) - MOSCOW, JANUARY 2 - For the first time in decades, the entire Russian navy will be deployed for large-scale exercises between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, the Russian defense department made known Wednesday.

The North, Baltic, Black Sea and Pacific fleets will be participating in the exercises, designed to ''improve control, guarantee and train the multi service interaction force of fleets in remote maritime areas,'' a ministry communique said.

The exercises include simulated transport of paratroopers and other maritime troops from the mountainous northern Caucasian coast and ''combat training missions in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean,'' the communique said.

This follows on Russia's statement a few weeks ago it had readied a plan to evacuate Russian citizens in Syria, should the situation degenerate. (ANSAmed).


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