Syria: internal opposition calls for dialogue with gov't

Main activists network supports political solution

06 February, 17:52

(ANSA) - BEIRUT, FEBRUARY 6 - The main network of Syrian anti-regime activists in the country supports the opposition-in-exile's proposal to initiate dialogue with the regime, Local Coordinating Councils (LCC) chief Omar Idlibi told ANSA on Wednesday. Syrian National Coalition leader Ahmad Al-Khatib has recently called for direct dialogue with Farouq al-Sharaa, Syria's vice president considered ''not directly involved'' in the repression underway for the past two years. On Tuesday members of the Syrian National Council (the main body within the coalition, representing the opposition abroad with a large Muslim Brotherhood component) rejected any negotiation with the regime. The Local Coordinating Committees - present in the areas supporting the uprising and which consider themselves ''a revolutionary force and not part of the traditional opposition'' - have instead now backed coalition leader Khatib's proposal, saying that Sharaa could be a potential interlocutor. (ANSAmed).


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