Islam: Halal, Japanese application helps find lawful foods

Will lead to stores and supermarkets, enable on-line shopping

29 March, 11:17

(by Alessandra Antonelli) (ANSAmed) - DUBAI, MARCH 29 - The latest news in the growing demand for halal products comes from Japan where a 19-year-old boy invented an application enabling customers to find halal restaurants, supermarkets and stores. The App also offers an on-line shopping service.

The idea came to its inventor through a Saudi friend who was unable to find halal products in Japan and is conceived for Muslims living in countries where Islam is a minority.

Halal, which means legitimate in Arabic, refers to all products Muslims are allowed to heat which do not contain pork meat or its traces. The demand for halal food is growing worldwide and becoming a business with constant migrations and the globalization of markets.

The halal global industry is estimated to be worth 2,1 trillion dollars - about 20% of the international market and estimated to further expand.

The business is also growing in Italy. Milan hosted for the first time at the beginning of March the World Halal Food Council Europe, the world council uniting top experts in the food industry abiding by Islamic law.

Eighty five percent of halal food is produced in North and South America, France, Australia and New Zeland. Halal Italia was created in 2009. It is a certification agency for Italian-made products respecting Islamic law which was recognized as an international certification in 2012. The agency is aimed at the Muslim community in Italy and opens new opportunities on production and exports towards Middle Eastern countries.

Establishing whether a product is halal is complicated.

Chicken meat, for example, is sometimes not considered halal as chickens can be given feed containing pork. Cosmetics also have to be halal. Creams, shampoos, lipstick can contain non-halal derivates. (ANSAmed)

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