US-led coalition hits Syrian govt forces in Homs - media

SOHR confirms operation conducted from Al-Tanf base

03 December, 13:05

    BEIRUT - The Syrian government has accused the US-led anti-ISIS coalition of hitting Syrian government forces in central Syria with a missile attack, according to Syrian state news agency SANA.
    SANA did not specify the extent of the attack but said military positions were hit in Al-Sukhnah, east of Homs between Palmyra and the Euphrates.
    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said 15 missiles were launched at a Syrian Army base in the region of Homs from the US-led coalition's Al-Tanf base, operated by US and British forces and located at the border between Syria, Jordan, and Iraq.
    The missiles were launched at a military convoy of Syrian government and loyalist forces, possibly Iranian, SOHR said.
    The report cannot be independently verified on the ground.
    Armed clashes and attacks have taken place in the past in central Syria and near the Al-Tanf base between pro-Syrian and Iranian forces against Syrian militants recruited by the US and its allies into their anti-ISIS coalition.

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