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    • 18:39
    • 30 ott

    Isis: Ondus, first Peshmerga contingent in Kobane

    But Syria accuses Turkey of violating its sovereignty

    • 11:34
    • 30 ott

    ISIS: Peshmerga on Turkish-Syrian border, headed for Kobane

    Say ANSA sources on the ground

    • 12:47
    • 29 ott

    Free Syrian Army fighters cross from Turkey to go to Kobane

    Al Arabiya, 200 anti-regime fighters enter Syria

    • 10:09
    • 29 ott

    ISIS attacks Syrian gas field, 30 reported dead

    NGO, assault in Homs area

    • 16:02
    • 28 ott

    Isis: 150 peshmerga due to arrive in Kobani

    Jihadists call attacks on foreign schools in Muslim countries

    • 14:29
    • 28 ott

    Syria: Mogherini, humanitarian solution only from war's end

    Rome already playing its part for refugees

    • 11:54
    • 28 ott

    Syria: Peshmerga to be airlifted to Turkey to enter Kobani

    Kurdish official makes the announcement

  1. ISIS: Cantlie used as 'reporter' in Kobane in new video
    • 10:33
    • 28 ott

    ISIS: Cantlie used as 'reporter' in Kobane in new video

    British hostage, don't trust media, jihadists control city

    • 15:11
    • 27 ott

    Syria: NGO, ISIS beheads four civilian hostages in East

    Members of Shaitat tribe accused of backing Assad

    • 09:32
    • 27 ott

    Syria: Turkey struggles to educate 350,000 refugee children

    With only around half of them receiving schooling

    • 18:06
    • 24 ott

    Syria: ISIS-regime clashes east of Homs, close to oil wells

    According to NGO SOHR

    • 16:39
    • 24 ott

    ISIS: Kurds in Kobane deny agreement for 1,000 FSA fighters

    Reject Erdogan's claim they would replace peshmerga militia

    • 12:04
    • 24 ott

    Turkey moves to end exploitation of Syrian refugee workers

    New laws aimed at bringing people out from the black-market

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