Latest news Syria

    • 18:17
    • 26 gen

    ISIS vows to defeat 'crusaders, take Jerusalem and Rome

    Spokesman makes new threat in audio message

    • 17:52
    • 26 gen

    ISIS tells jihadists to strike 'everywhere in Europe', SITE

    Spokesman renews call for 'lone-wolf' attacks

    • 11:18
    • 26 gen

    Syria: Assad, we do not speak to puppets of Qatar, U.S

    Today summit with opposition groups in Moscow

    • 11:23
    • 21 gen

    Obama, we will beat ISIS, Congress to authorize use of force

    Unilateral action also to hunt down terrorists, says president

    • 18:47
    • 20 gen

    Syria: Iran threatens Israel, reaction to be 'devastating'

    After Pasdaran general killed in Israeli airstrike

    • 18:46
    • 19 gen

    Hezbollah enraged by airstrike on Syria, 'Death to Israel'

    Mughniyeh's funeral in Beirut; attacks killed Iranian general

    • 17:02
    • 19 gen

    Cries of 'Death to Israel' at Muhgniyeh's funeral

    After attack on Sunday against Hezbollah in Syria

    • 10:41
    • 19 gen

    Terrorism: Mogherini, dialogue necessary with Islam

    Alarm on foreign fighters on the agenda of foreign ministers

    • 10:17
    • 19 gen

    Israeli missiles hit Hezbollah in Golan

    At least 9 militants killed in raid, including ex-military chief

  1. Gentiloni says aid workers ransom rumours 'just conjecture'
    • 15:45
    • 16 gen

    Gentiloni says aid workers ransom rumours 'just conjecture'

    Italy continues to be 'on front line' against terrorism

    • 12:01
    • 16 gen

    Raid in Belgium against jihadists preparing attack

    Two killed. Possible connections with France. Shootout overnight

    • 10:10
    • 16 gen

    Syria: freed Italian aid workers back in Italy

    Joy of families amid controversy over ransom

    • 18:34
    • 15 gen

    Italian hostages in Syria freed says govt

    Greta Ramelli and Vanessa Marzullo had been kidnapped on July 31