Tunisia: 63.5% do not want Sharia law, survey says

More men than women support Sharia

09 July, 17:05

(ANSAMed) - TUNIS, JULY 9 - A majority of Tunisians do not want the Sharia to be the law of the land, according to a survey by Sigma Conseil published Al Maghreb newspaper today.

Approximately 63.5% of respondents said that while Tunisia should base itself on the principles and values of Islam, they do not want Sharia law applied, according to the survey.

Of these respondents, 74.1% live in the south of the country, 70.7% live in the north east, and 56.6% live in the north west, reflecting the areas of influence of the leading Ennadha Party, which has the highest number of representatives in the constituent assembly.

While those supporting Sharia law are a minority, their number rose from 9% to 22% over the past year. Of these, the majority are men, while the number of women supporting Sharia law has declined, according to the survey. (ANSAMed).


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