Tozeur Oasis Festival to showcase desert culture 25-28/12

Horse and camel racing, dance, and music

24 December, 17:27

    (ANSAmed) - TUNIS, DECEMBER 24 - The 41st Tozeur International Oasis Festival, the largest cultural and tourism event in southern Tunisian, will be held December 25-28. The four days will include equestrian races and ones with dromedaries, dance, music, parades and other artistic events in one of the country's most evocative locations, surrounded by oases and the charm of the virtually untouched Djerid region. Created in 1938 with the name 'Date Palm Festival', it has evolved over the decades and now showcases the civilzation, art, culture, and traditions of the Djerid region. The festival helps to maintain and raise awareness on the cultures of the nomadic populations of the Sahara desert, invaluable heritage for the entire world. (ANSAmed).

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