Tunis 'city of books' at 2020 literature fest

Event fights stereotypes

08 September, 19:00

    (ANSAmed) - TUNIS, SEPTEMBER 8 - The protagonist of ''Una città di libri'' (A city of books) at the 2020 literature festival is Tunis. From Dido's myth to the cartoons of collective Lab 619, Tunis' literary story stretches along over two millenniums, from the foundation of Carthage until the unstable democracy that emerged from the Arab spring. The event moves to the other shore of the Mediterranean to talk about an ancient city that is very close to us, which reflects many of the intricate stories that have involved the Mediterranean, said organizers of the festival held on September 9-13.

    Visiting Tunis through books will be possible on the website 2020.festivaletteratura.it, with an online library including over 250 novels, historic films, theatrical fragments, images and videos on some of the main movements of contemporary art, which will go beyond the stereotypes regarding this part of Africa that is so close to Europe. Audio and video documents can be consulted online and Radio Tunisi will broadcast programs conducted by Luca Scarlini with the participation of the most interesting voices of the city's cultural scene today.

    ''The project of Una città di libri that I have organized for Festivaletteratura for six years wants to present to the festival's public and the Italian public in general a type of scenario that is as wide as possible on the image of the city'', Scarlini told ANSA. He added that ''this year, in the radio version, we have been able to propose many authors that have never been presented in Italy''.

    ''Italian publishing, as is known, is not very attentive towards the African and Maghreb world - the writer also stressed - and has published few books, therefore I hope that all we are proposing, interviews, parts of novels translated from French and Arabic, are an occasion for our publishers to be inspired and follow young Tunisian authors, between ages 30 and 40, who are very interesting, I think, and who present a country that is very different from the image of Tunisia that we have in Italy, where we are still only discussing about the revolution and its following'' phase. ''It instead appears evident that Tunis has literary genres - fantasy, gothic, science fiction, crime - that we will introduce to the public of Festivaletteratura 2020'', concluded Scarlini.(ANSAmed). (ANSA).

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