Latest news Tunisia

    • 17:26
    • 28 apr

    Tunisia: use of donor funds needs to be more efficient

    Carnegie Foundation presents report

    • 13:32
    • 27 apr

    Tunisian start-up introduces blade-free wind turbine

    Inspired by Carthage sails, 'bird-friendly' and more efficient

    • 15:35
    • 26 apr

    Terrorism: Maghreb Union calls for common security strategy

    Meeting of interior ministers from UMA in Tunis

    • 14:35
    • 22 apr

    Tunisia sees 'slight signs' of tourism sector recovery

    After plunge following attacks in Sousse and Bardo museum

    • 13:23
    • 22 apr

    Migrants: Italian FM wants more EU efforts on Libya route

    'Commitment similar to that shown on the Turkey-Greece one'

    • 14:29
    • 20 apr

    Tunisia:paesi islamici da Sousse condannano terrorismo

    E rilanciano promozione pace e dialogo tra paesi della regione

    • 12:16
    • 20 apr

    Doc à Tunis film festival kicks off,'Living toghether' focus

    Rosi's 'Fuocoammare' among documentaries to be screened

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