Latest news Tunisia

    • 10:52
    • 09 mar

    Tunisia: Defense ministry,6 jihadists killed in Ben Guerdane

    Overnight curfew helps anti-terror operations, spokesman says

    • 19:41
    • 07 mar

    Clashes with Isis on Tunisia-Libya border, 53 dead

    Jihadist attack on barracks at Ben Guerdane, curfew imposed

    • 14:37
    • 07 mar

    Tunisia: curfew imposed in Ben Guerdane

    The town hit by an Isis armed incursion at dawn

    • 10:04
    • 07 mar

    Tunisia: fighting with Isis on border with Libya, 10 dead

    Two injured jihadi fighters captured, civilians among victims

    • 09:49
    • 07 mar

    Tunisia: Minister, also drones to control borders with Libya

    Law authorising presence of foreign military to be passed soon

  1. Tunisia: homosexuality crime, debate on abolition re-kindled
    • 18:39
    • 04 mar

    Tunisia: homosexuality crime, debate on abolition re-kindled

    Appeal reduces sentence for six lads, but controversy continues

    • 17:24
    • 04 mar

    Italy-Tunisia, a route from north to south

    Cultural, political ties between countries at conference

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