Turkey: Erdogan approves Kurdish instruction in schools

Soldier and Turkish guard killed in clashes with PKK

12 June, 14:01

(ANSAmed) - ANKARA, JUNE 12 - Turkey's nationalistic Islamic prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has today announced that the Kurdish language will soon be allowed in the country's schools. In speaking in front of the parliamentary group of his party AKP, reported the private TV station NTV, Erdogan therefore confirmed the press leaks seen over the past few days.

Newspapers say that six hours of optional instruction in the Kurdish language will be provided for beginning in the next school year. The government's decision is, according to several analysts, part of a number of ''cultural'' gestures of opening up to the Kurdish issue that the Ankara government intends to make in its attempt to find a solution to the crisis of Turkish Kurdistan, where tension has been growing unabatedly for the past several weeks. Even today in clashes with militants from the armed separatist group PKK, a soldier and a Turkish guard have been killed in the Sirnak province, reports Hurriyet online. The Turkish prime minister and the head of the Social Democrats opposition met last week to draw up a national strategy to find a way to solve the Kurdish crisis. Turkish media report that the Iraqi president of Kurdish origins Jalal Talabani has set in motion mediation with the PKK to try and achieve a ceasefire between the Kurdish separatists and the Ankara government. (ANSAmed).


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