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    • 19:04
    • 13 ott

    Ankara massacre: passersby find body parts, controversy

    Carbonized parts recovered, forensic police in eye of storm

    • 16:37
    • 13 ott

    Turkey: 12 PKK members killed in air raids in southeast

    Bombings continue despite Kurdish ceasefire

    • 16:09
    • 13 ott

    France: accord with Algeria for secular exams for imams

    Paris working on similar agreements with Morocco and Tunisia

    • 13:12
    • 12 ott

    Libya: Gentiloni, Tripoli and Tobruk vote in three-four days

    EU will support accord, welcome requests for stabilization

    • 13:07
    • 12 ott

    Ankara massacre: Gentiloni, threat to stability Nato country

    Violence can weaken opposition democratic forces

    • 12:37
    • 12 ott

    Ankara massacre: Pkk calls for ceasefire in victims' memory

    Engagement until vote, response only under attack

  1. Ankara terrorist brother of Suruc bomber, media
    • 10:15
    • 12 ott

    Ankara terrorist brother of Suruc bomber, media

    128 reported dead. ISIS suspected

    • 12:32
    • 09 ott

    Syria: Anadolu photojournalist killed by car bomb

    ISIS suicide bomber north of Aleppo, at least 20 dead

    • 18:42
    • 08 ott

    Syria: Erdogan threatens Russia, 'we won't buy gas anymore'

    Over airspace violations, would also halt nuclear power plant

    • 10:05
    • 08 ott

    Turkey: former army chief, Bush helped Erdogan weaken us

    Accusation waged in trial for Ergenekon attempted coup

  2. Migrants: Turkey to open six new reception centres
    • 18:01
    • 06 ott

    Migrants: Turkey to open six new reception centres

    EU-Ankara action plan, refugees will be able to work in country

    • 12:12
    • 06 ott

    Turkey: second Russian violation, ambassador summoned

    Nato, serious air-space violation, not an accident

    • 11:23
    • 06 ott

    Syria:Turkey, with Russian raids, 1 mil more refugees

    Ankara fears instability in highly populated areas

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