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    • 11:04
    • 01 dic

    Putin attacks Erdogan, 'he buys oil from ISIS'

    'Reason he downed jet'. 'Sultan', if claim proved I will resign

    • 14:50
    • 30 nov

    Turkey: PKK, 'no more war, we ask for mediation of US or EU'

    Appeal of leader Bayik, Kurdish guerrilla out of terror list

    • 11:50
    • 30 nov

    ISIS: Turkey grants airspace to France for raids

    Media, also use of Incirlik base in emergency cases

    • 17:52
    • 27 nov

    Pavlopoulos demands greater migrant control from Turkey

    'End to Syrian war vital for EU', Greek president in Rome

    • 12:33
    • 27 nov

    Downed jet: media, Turkey suspends flights over Syria

    Temporary freeze on operations with anti-ISIS coalition

    • 12:22
    • 27 nov

    Migrants: six kids dead in shipwrecks off Turkey

    Two Syrian brothers off Bodrum, four others off Ayvacik

    • 20:04
    • 26 nov

    Energy: EU High Level Dialogue with Turkey, 'key player'

    Especially in Southern Gas Corridor, 'on the right track'

    • 20:02
    • 26 nov

    Erdogan says Turkey won't apologise to Moscow for downed jet

    Moscow set for economic retaliation, tells Russians repatriate

  1. Ankara, Riyadh necessary against ISIS - Italian FM
    • 19:06
    • 26 nov

    Ankara, Riyadh necessary against ISIS - Italian FM

    'Must remain in coalition' says Gentiloni

    • 13:19
    • 26 nov

    EU-Turkey:Brussels, summit will decide negotiations relaunch

    Spokesperson does not confirm nor deny statements by Ankara

    • 11:20
    • 26 nov

    EU-Turkey: Ankara, accord for new chapter in negotiations

    'Beginning of new discussions on economic, monetary policies'

  2. Russia tourists forgo Egypt and Turkey after plane incidents
    • 19:00
    • 25 nov

    Russia tourists forgo Egypt and Turkey after plane incidents

    Israel and SE Asia may be new holiday destinations

    • 14:04
    • 25 nov

    Downed jet: Lavrov, we will not wage war against Turkey

    It looks like planned provocation, ties seriously reevaluated,FM

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