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  1. Yemen: Double suicide attack against army, seven dead
    • 10:32
    • 09 dic

    Yemen: Double suicide attack against army, seven dead

    Al Qaida-linked Ansar Al Sharia claims attacks

    • 11:11
    • 05 dic

    Yemen: family of U.S. hostage pleads for abductors' mercy

    Somers' life at risk, US operation to free him has failed

    • 14:24
    • 04 dic

    ISIS: al Qaida threatens to kill U.S. hostage in Yemen

    Posted video in which photographer pleads for his life

    • 17:07
    • 28 nov

    Pope calls for faiths to unite against terrorism

    'Respect for human life, religious freedom, life with dignity'

    • 16:25
    • 27 nov

    Yemen raid on Al-Qaeda aimed to free US journalist

    Hostage not there, eight others liberated

    • 15:43
    • 21 nov

    ISIS: SITE, al Qaida challenges Baghdadi, refuses Caliphate

    Yemeni-Saudi branch can unleash new clash between two groups

    • 11:45
    • 14 nov

    ISIS: Sinai jihadists respond to Baghdadi, change name

    Audio message by 'caliph' amid escalating tension in Egypt

    • 18:19
    • 11 nov

    ISIS: 'Baghdadi is dead', Al-Ahram cites Mosul inhabitants

    'Historic alliance' of jihadists in Egypt, Libya and Yemen

    • 19:49
    • 31 ott

    ISIS: Unesco investigates sale of art for self-financing

    Bouchenaki, market stretches to Gulf. Fear for Libya, Yemen

    • 15:14
    • 20 ott

    Yemen: EU foreign ministers support transition

    • 17:51
    • 17 ott

    ISIS gets support of Yemeni-Saudi branch of Al Qaida

    Calls for attack on U.S. and support for ISIS battle

    • 17:47
    • 16 ott

    Gulf countries ready for a joint defence navy

    "Navy Security Group 81" to defend waters shared with Iran

    • 18:24
    • 13 ott

    Yemen's UN envoy named new PM in bid to quell crisis

    Former one resigned only hours after being sworn in

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