Cinema: Migration, local culture festival returns to Riace

Competition open to independent multicultural productions

26 March, 18:24

(ANSAmed) - CATANZARO, MARCH 26 - After a year-long break, the Festival of Migration and Local Cultures of Riace is back. The festival was born on a wave of welcoming and rehabilitation policy for refugees and asylum seekers, launched some years ago by the local authorities of Riace and Caulonia.

Invitations for offers of presentations are now online, with a competition for film-makers and other cinematic, musical, literary and civil events. As a communique announces, ''The festival wants to be a concrete initiative that uses the universal language of cinema and the arts to promote the reciprocal exchange of awareness that counteract racism and closure. It wants to draw attention to the innovative path that the town councils of Riace and Caulonia have set out upon,linking the welcoming of migrants with a revival of local economies and sending out an new, different image of Calabria. Between June 21 and 23 2012, not only will the films in the competition be screened, other artistic, literary, cinematic and musical events will be organised as well as civic initiatives''.

The film competition wants to provide a space for independent producers dealing with the themes of migration, multiculturalism, plural society, the relationship between rich and poor countries and with special attention to works set in or about the Mediterranean basin, as a privileged site for the intermingling and encounter between cultures, languages, religions, social and judicial orders. The competition is divided into three sections: ''Migrants and Local Cultures''; ''Short Films on the subject of Happiness'' and ''Music Videoclips''. (ANSAmed)
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