Med: AMAN; Italy suffers 'South syndrome', Scopelliti

Only focuses on emergency not on future

27 June, 13:15

(ANSAmed) - ROME, MAY 27 - ''It seems to be that in this stage of the crisis, Italy is suffering from the 'south Italy syndrome', responding as the south has always done: focusing on the emergency without thinking about the future." This remark was made by the president of the Calabria Region, Giuseppe Scopelliti, during the conference "Italy for the Mediterranean region - information and development". The conference was organised by ANSA in the context of the 21st general assembly of AMAN, the Alliance of Mediterranean Press Agencies. ''Politics must be able to look ahead and think about the future,'' Scopelliti underlined, ''and look over national borders, where great opportunities are waiting to be developed, especially in the south of the Mediterranean area." The role our diplomacy can play in this context is important, he continued, thanks to the ''dynamism of our ambassadors." But the role of single regions is also important, according to Scopelliti, as well as the coordinating role of the committee of Regions in European context. The regions, he added, have the possibility to ''strengthen ties'' with the southern shore in fields like economic cooperation, SMEs, civil defence, city planning and universities, "developing these fields." Issues like immigration, the fight against terrorism and the Middle East can be left to supranational organisations like the Union for the Mediterranean, where the work done by this organisation so far ''has not had any impact on our region." ''We have been saying for decades that our future lies in the south,'' Scopelliti concluded, ''and now the time for hesitation is over." (ANSAmed).


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