MedFilm Fest: Piperno and Ferrente's Beautiful Things

24 October, 15:59

A secene from 'Le cose belle' A secene from 'Le cose belle'

(ANSAmed) - ROME, OCTOBER 24 - Shot in Naples, Giovanni Piperno and Agostino Ferrente's documentary 'Beautiful Things' ('Le Cose Belle'), screening at the ongoing MedFilm Festival, is an attempt to find beauty in the midst of economic crisis and personal and generational disillusionment.

''Naples is Italy to the nth degree, and it also our most cinematic city, partly because of its contradictions, and partly because of the unquestionable acting talent of its inhabitants,'' Piperno explained to ANSAmed. The documentary features four 20-somethings, Adele, Silvana, Enzo and Fabio, who also starred in a 1999 documentary by the same filmmakers, titled 'Interview with my Mother.' ''That was a great production, with an adequate budget,'' Piperno reminisced. ''Our casting process was very long. We saw 90 kids, spent time with their families. We finally settled on these four, and shot the whole thing in just 20 days. But Agostino and I knew we wanted to work with them again.'' So, a decade later, the filmmakers looked the four kids up again. They found them with broken dreams, disappointed aspirations, their trust in the future gone: the lot of contemporary Italian 20-somethings, from north to south.

''The problems of Neapolitans are the problems of all Italians, with Naples as the canary in the coalmine. Naples has always experienced job insecurity, now all of Italy is in the same boat. The broken dreams and wasted talents of these four young people reflect an entire generation,'' Piperno said. And while he lays the blame for Italy's troubles squarely at the feet of each and every Italian who voted the politicians responsible into power, Piperno does point the finger at one culprit: Italy's public broadcaster RAI TV, whose lack of innovative programming is a detriment to the country's independent filmmakers. ''Our documentary has yet to find a distributor, while the public network, which has loads of satellite channels, won't broadcast anything cutting-edge. RAI executives believe, or want the public to be, a mass of retards,'' the filmmaker said. ''In spite of everything, we wanted to show the beauty of these young people, their strength and dignity.'' (ANSAmed).


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