Mideast: Abu Mazen negates Holocaust, Naples rabbi says

Honorary Naples citizenship should go to more deserving people

26 April, 18:28

    (ANSAmed) - NAPLES, APRIL 26 - Rabbi Scialom Bahbout, who leads the Jewish community of Naples and Southern Italy, is ''appalled'' that Palestinian National Authority President Abu Mazen will become an honorary citizen of Naples and Pompei as of tomorrow. Mayor Luigi De Magistris is conferring that distinction on the Palestinian leader as an ''instigator of the dialogue in the construction of the difficult peace process between Israel and Palestine''.

    ''This kind of recognition should only be conferred on deserving people, ones with no skeletons in the closet'', said the rabbi. ''There are beautiful people out there who are worthy of such an honor, and we are not against conferring honorary citizenship on a Palestinian. This is not the case with Abu Mazen, who denied the Holocaust in his university thesis, and who never distanced himself from Palestinian terrorist attacks''.

    ''If you want to understand the position of the Palestinians, you should also want to understand that of the Israelis. Shimon Peres would have been a worthy honorary citizen, not as an alternative to Abu Mazen, but because he, a Nobel peace prize winner, is a person who deserves it'', the rabbi concluded. Abu Mazen, who has arrived in Naples today, tomorrow is also scheduled to meet with Palestinian families living in the Campania region, and to accept a prize from the Fondazione Mediterraneo. (ANSAmed).

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