Latest news Campania

    • 09:30
    • 26 mag

    Valladolid, Naples, Tangiers: Cervantes' routes in 50 photos

    Exhibit marks 400th anniversary of writer's death

    • 14:05
    • 11 mag

    Campania-Tunisia, journey by kayak along migrant route

    June expedition involving researchers, doctors, athletes

  1. Pompeii offers same-day multiple entrance bracelet
    • 17:38
    • 04 mag

    Pompeii offers same-day multiple entrance bracelet

    Currently in experimental phase

    • 20:00
    • 02 mag

    Schools and Jewish community team up to remember Holocaust

    Valenzi foundation launches project for students and teachers

    • 12:08
    • 28 apr

    Traditions and new links, cities’ stories told by immigrants

    Writers, poets and tourist guides in their adopted cities

    • 17:14
    • 19 apr

    A voyage into Egyptian splendour at Pompeii

    Statues from Turin Egypt museum and ‘focus’ on Templ

    • 19:18
    • 15 apr

    Comic books: Napoleon 'invades' royal palace in Naples

    Exhibition of comics drawn by Neapolitan artist Fiorentino

    • 17:58
    • 25 mar

    Renewable energy: political instabilty slows Med development

    Ten countries involved in Shaams project, review at 'Energymed'

    • 12:10
    • 23 mar

    Tickets at Naples MADRE Museum paid like 'suspended coffee'

    Easter, local tradition for contemporary art

    • 19:36
    • 16 mar

    Pompeii and Naples museum team up for 'Myths and Nature'

    Tour through domus amid ancient gardens

    • 11:41
    • 07 mar

    Exhibitions: 'The Nile in Pompei', at the Egyptian Museum

    Ancient masterpieces inaugurate collaboration with Naples

    • 20:01
    • 22 feb

    Art: Horizon 2, in Salerno culture 'overcomes Europe walls'

    Greek artist donates sculpture for university campus entrance

    • 14:46
    • 19 feb

    Med Tourism Bourse, prize dedicated to Palmyra director back

    In Paestum best archaeological discoveries awarded

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