Latest news Campania

    • 17:56
    • 21 mag

    Sharp divisions persist in Mediterranean dialogue

    ANSA forum in Pompei discusses migration and democracy

    • 11:35
    • 21 mag

    Pompeii as cultural showcase, with Greek theater and shows

    Program announced at 'Memory of the Future' conference

    • 18:46
    • 19 mag

    Memory of Future, Pompeii focuses on Mediterranean culture

    ANSA gathers together the area's institutions and media

    • 19:36
    • 16 mag

    Pompei event on culture and communication to unite Med

    Political and media world figures to meet in excavation site

    • 19:36
    • 05 mag

    Preview of secret film on Syrian conflict in Milan

    African, Asian and Latin American fest FCAAL opens 6/5

    • 16:21
    • 05 mag

    Talks underway for Mediterranean Mayors Forum in autumn

    Italy, Mideast and regional reps in Naples

    • 12:35
    • 17 apr

    Tourism: launch of the Grand Tour in Campania

    9 travel routes in the footsteps of 18th century European elite

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