Emilia quake: Today national mourning, new shock felt

Long night in tent city, Novi clock tower collapses

04 June, 09:55

(ANSAmed) - MODENA, JUNE 4 - A day of national mourning has started for the Emilia Region that was hit by an earthquake.

Yesterday another quake was felt at 9.20 pm, reaching a magnitude of 5.1. It was a long night for the people staying in tents and other structures set up for those who no longer had a roof over their head. But many preferred to sleep in the open, in their car or camper. The shock was felt in the whole northern part of Italy. Its epicentre was located around Modena, in an area between Novi, Cavezzo, Concordia, San Possidonio and Mirandola. Nobody was injured but more buildings in the 'red areas' collapsed, including the clock tower in Novi, the town's symbol for three centuries. Last night the same area was hit by another quake, a smaller with magnitude 3.1. Today rain is expected in Emilia-Romagna, after a warm and sunny Sunday.

Yesterday the region's Civil Protection issued a weather alert, in place until 2am tomorrow night. The forecast for the following period is better. ''Our tower has collapsed but we will not, we are still standing, we will get through this because we have the strength to do so,'' said the mayor of Novi, Luisa Turci. The mayor's house was damaged in last Tuesday's quake, together with the homes of many others in the city. ''Our priorities must change, this situation changes our current life,'' she added. ''It still sounded every half hour, despite the damage it kept working, that gave us hope. Now it's gone,'' the mayor concluded, referring to the clock tower.(ANSAmed).


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