Yemen: Spadotto kidnappers, no request to Italy will be made

01 August, 12:57

(ANSAmed) - BEIRUT, 1 AGO - On a phone call to the Yemeni agency Maareb Press, the self-proclaimed kidnapper of the Carabinieri official Alessandro Spadotto affirmed that " no ranson will be asked. Kidnapping was just a mean to exert pressure on Yemeni government". The kidnapper, named Ali Nasser Hreidquan, explained that his request is a private matter between the Yemeni government and Hreidquan himself.

The kidnapper declared not to belong to any terroristic organization or political party. "Spadotto is in good health, he can use internet and he is more comfortable than at his own home. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow he will be released.

Negotiations among members of local tribes are in place", he is also reported to say.

Hreidqan demands to have his travel ban revoked by the Yemeni government, and the restitution of his money which was taken away during his detention.

In fact, he was arrested, charged of having killed two soldiers and sent to prison in January. He was then released in exchange of a norwegian Onu operator, kidnapped by his own tribal clan Jalal. (ANSAmed).


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