CEI: new energy strategy based on biofuels

Project illustrated in Belgrade experts meeting

07 December, 15:55

(ANSAmed) - BELGRADE, DECEMBER 7 - The importance of a new energy strategy based on biofuels was underscored by CEI secretary general Giorgio Rosso Cicogna during a Belgrade meeting he chaired on sustainable energy development.

Representatives and experts from ten countries in south-eastern Europe took part. He said that ''energy is a priority for the CEI, and biofuels are the best option for any environmentally-friendly energy strategy'', as biofuels are the best way to meet energy requirements, protect the environment, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, develop agriculture and food security and meet the needs of the global market. In Rosso Cicogna's eyes, this project is especially suited to CEI member states, which boast large forests and wide swaths of land set aside for agriculture.

He went on to say that the bio-economy is one of the sectors that the EU will be developing in the future, an economy in which traditional refineries will be replaced by bio-refineries and fossil fuels by renewable raw materials. This objective will be achieved through the Public-Private-Partnership Programme (PPP), which calls for EUR 5 billion to be allocated over a seven-year period (2014-2020).

A billion will be made available by the EU Commission, 2.8 billion by private industry, and the rest by banks and oil companies. Rosso Cicogna said that these resources will go towards research on new technologies. ''The transition from fossil fuels to biofuels can rightly be called a revolution in the energy field,'' resulting in a 50% reduction in imports and a 40% in harmful emissions, said the CEI secretary general, who praised the support given to the project by the Serbian government. ''CEI's role is to create the ideal conditions for this project to be realised.'' (ANSAmed).


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