Migrants: Friuli mayor in Rome with five minors in protest

Says gesture is symbolic, 'no more room here'

19 August, 09:00

    (ANSA) - TRIESTE, 19 AGO - The mayor of a small town in Friuli, near the Slovenian border, decided to perform a symbolic gesture by leaving for Rome with five unaccompanied minor migrants to show the Italian government that "in Friuli there is no longer room" for reception. TRIESTE - Ivan Boemo is the mayor of Gonars, a town of less than 5,000 residents in the northeastern Italian province of Udine.

    He left for Rome with five unaccompanied minor migrants because, he said, "in Friuli there is no longer room" to accommodate migrants. He called the trip, which he announced in recent days, a "symbolic gesture" to show the Italian government the need for "a solution to the migrant question". Boemo travelled aboard a town government van with the local police chief, and they stopped in Bologna as well because, Boemo told ANSA, "the prefect, Michele di Bari, is finding a solution for migrant reception in this city". "Since the priority is their health, that's good," Boemo said.

    Objective: meet with Interior Minister Lamorgese Mayor Boemo said the interior ministry, "through the intervention of Maurizio Gasparri, offered me the possibility of a meeting with Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese, who just returned from abroad". "I haven't slept for three days because every evening young migrants arrive in the territory. We decided to monitor the situation with the help of citizens but the migrants were left on the highways," he said. Boemo said the five young migrants travelling with him are all originally from Bangladesh, and are "in the care of the mayor". "Since there aren't any facilities to host them, and since I care about their health, I immediately decided to bring them to Rome," he said.

    He said that currently the problem isn't immigration, but health. "I have the obligation to protect the public health of my citizens," he said. Democratic Party MP Debora Serracchiani, a former governor of the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, sent a letter on Tuesday to Minister Lamorgese after having contacted some of the area's mayors. The letter addresses the "hardship experienced by many mayors in the regional territory for how the situation has evolved regarding the flow of migrants in Friuli Venezia Giulia, and notably that of unaccompanied foreign minors".

    PHOTO: Archive photo. ANSA/ TELENEWS (ANSA).

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